It has begun to rain again, fairly light for now, but the radar shows some heavier rain is on its way.  And the flash flood watch was extended throughout the day today.  If you don’t live in the desert southwest, this is the rainy season, with the average start date in early July.  It started a little late this year, having rained about 2 inches in the first three weeks of the month.  It has since rained about 4 inches, officially, in the last week.  With more expected today and tomorrow.  The record for the month, which I looked up, is 7.58 inches.  We may well set a new record.  I mention this because weather, like almost nothing else, can provide inspiration or despair.  It’s a topic of small talk anywhere one goes.  And one additional point in Flagstaff, where we are in the middle of a large ponderosa pine forest, is that the rainy season follows the fire season.  This year a 15000 acre fire north of town, in the mountains, has left a scarred area which has led to landslides and flooding in a subdivision just north and east of town.  I know it might be easy to say we should just live in areas which aren’t prone to flooding, but that is a simplistic view.  I will write about this in future posts.