I just recently saw that ad for covering up scars.  Little scars.  I personally find scars to be kind of attractive, but I can see why somebody who has been disfigured significantly would want them covered in some way.  I can’t say that I wouldn’t do the same, especially if I were in the prime of my life, still looking for somebody to spend the rest of my life.  But physical scars, like emotional scars, are akin to an alert system.  An opportunity to see the importance of things that you otherwise wouldn’t.  That appearances can create a false sense of the value of relationships. It’s probably easier for me to say this now, at age 43, having grown up in a loving family.  Near the bottom of a large family, I always felt I had things in fairly proper balance anyway, and even when I didn’t, I never felt I had more than I could handle.  Looking at life now, I see scars as an opportunity to learn an important lesson, or to have an important conversation with somebody who might be important in my life.  I have one scar that not a person I know knows how I received it.  It is an inch-long number on the left side of the index finger on my right hand.  I don’t feel threatened by it.  It’s a part of me, and I own it for the better.