I decided to go to the gym this morning.  I don’t always go mornings, because usually my desire to sit and drink coffee and wake up slowly wins over exercise.  I had a good workout, dodged lots of raindrops on the return trip home, and in the course of approximately four hours, I was feeling less well.  It has been cool and dreary all day, and I just don’t want to do much of anything.  What does one do on a dreary day?  Funny that a few are so enamored and affected by the full moon, when overcast days seem to have a much more noticeable affect on people.  There is hardly a day such as this when you don’t bump into people’s auras.  I read somewhere that it is the blue in the sky which wakes people up, naturally.  I believe that overcast days delay the process.  I’m sure this happens to something close to the majority.  On days that are on again off again overcast, I tend to have headaches.  I’m constantly battling the attitude (but not ever really giving in to it), along with the physical affects.  Some people don’t battle the attitude; they give it to everybody on days like this.  They are probably those who don’t much battle the attitude anyway.  So what to do on a dreary day…a cup of coffee usually does the job for me, which I’m drinking right now, but if you’re not a coffee person, maybe a nap would work, or some exercise, and for those with extreme attitudes (probably not going to read my blog, or for long), try a time out or some therapy.