I have used this expression for years.  It is my way of saying that which has been processed to the extreme isn’t going to sustain you.  I was prompted to write this when I read an article on extreme saving on Yahoo!  The obvious changes one can make when needing to trim a budget is get rid of the car in favor of walking, biking, or taking public transportation; downsizing your home or taking in a border; using coupons.  My problem with using coupons is that many products you purchase with coupons are highly processed.  I do eat some processed food, so I don’t want to come across as trying to preach.  But making the effort to eat less processed food will not only save you more money than using coupons (unless you are related to extreme users of coupons who make money to shop in the grocery store), but your body will thank you for eating healthier, especially if you also avoid eating out too often or eating large portions of meat at every conceivable meal.  A friend of mine likes to call these processed foods “whites,” as in white sugar, white flour.  These foods, when eaten in large quantities, are to me like a sedative.  I have more energy when I eat healthier, and thus more time to do all the things I love, and to show the people I love how much they matter to me.  Twinkies don’t grow on trees, but to quote somebody other than myself, “An apple a day helps keep the doctor away.”  To your health!