No, I’m not male bashing.  Somewhere back in the early days of humankind, by most religious reckoning, men were generally bigger and stronger than women, and so took on the role of protector.  Probably in great part because women were bearing and nursing children.  I’m okay with man as protector.  How did we get from man as protector to man as force?  Would we have nearly as much conflict in the world otherwise?  There are things equally wrong, and right, within any group of people.  There are bad people in every group, male/female, black/white, politicians/constituents, etc.  There are amazing fathers who find great pleasure in caring for their families.  So why am I saying this?  Mostly because I see it everywhere I go, in some measure.  I was prompted by somebody I know telling me a soap-opera-ish story about having been told by his boss that he had to purchase scrubs for use in his job.  He was told that the scrubs were in the women’s section, and he was [light-heartedly] offended that he had to shop the women’s section.  He proceeded to tell me how comfortable it was to wear scrubs.  To me, that attitude is too close to typical behavior for men; perhaps instead it is typical for any group or person that has accumulated a little or a lot of authority over somebody.  But I believe that is still primarily a male-held position.  Domestic violence, if it could truly be documented, would probably bear out my assumption.  I read a snippet somewhere about the number of cases attributed to women.  Fair enough.  I wonder how many of those were instigated somehow by men.  Even if it were none, I imagine the numbers would still prove me correct.  But I’m not trying to be proven correct.  I want us all to get along (yup, Rodney King said that), and I’m wandering around in my mind [as the world’s chaos runs into it] about how that can happen.  I think it happens by staying in contact with people and discussing everything that we have in common, which is practically everything, so that people are aware and empowered to make it happen.  Which is now why I am blogging and hoping, slowly, to make contact with other bloggers.  I hope also that the sum of our blogs will be fruitful.