Technology has allowed us to keep in touch with people as never before.  Family are now only a few keystrokes away on Facebook and other social networking sites.  Cell phones allow us to have conversations with our loved ones at virtually any moment.  Remember when you needed a longer cord on your landline just to have a little privacy or to allow you multitask while having a conversation?  But has the globalization really made us closer?  Has it made us appreciate those loved ones any more?  I think in some cases it has.  It depends on your approach to your technological self.  But I think while it has made us more socially available and perhaps even more socially approachable, it has spread us out so thin that we can have thousands of friends and not really any at all.  Not I.  I am acquainted with many people, some of which I may even remember a name after many years of not seeing each other, but my circle of friends is small.  Frankly, I just don’t have all the time in the world to have hundreds of friends.  I barely feel I can manage to keep my house clean, and cook, and sleep, and work.  A dictionary definition of friend is a person whom you know well and regard with affection and trust.  There have never been more than a handful of people that fit that definition for me.  I think that’s true for everybody.  I fear technology is making it so that more and more people have fewer and fewer people who fit that definition.  This saddens me.  I wish to start at least one person to look at their relationships with the purpose of making each and every one fruitful, and thus inspiring others by example.