Various M8 motorway (Ireland) photos

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I have been in a long distance relationship for nearly two years.  Supposedly that should end on or around my birthday next year February.  Until then, all the horrible things that can be said about long-distance relationships I’m sure are true.  When two people live together, and fight about something, it is much easier to make up later, even without sex.  In person contact beats any other form of communication by a long shot.  There are too many opportunities for misunderstanding when apart.  Just think back to any email you have ever written that the person you sent it to asked for clarification; worse, misunderstanding associated with text messages.  And it is so much easier to fall into the trap of playing tag by phone or email.  There is just no substitute for in person communication.  All the nuance of body language and facial expressions make communication in person much easier.  And why would you want a long distance relationship?  For people who confess love for each other, the only reason to persist in one is because financially things are difficult.  It takes some serious soul searching to mend that financial rift, to do the right thing by both parties involved.  But let’s face it.  People are stubborn, and sometimes can only see the little world, which often doesn’t seem so little, that they have created, and can be unreasonable and uncompromising nearly to a fault.