Vote ’em All Out

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I decided awhile back that I would vote for the challenger in all elections until the political machine is changed. How dare any politician tell me that they are different in anyway significant from the incumbent. Somewhere in there mind, they may believe it, but when they show up in Washington, and are bought by billionaire interests, then it is obvious their heart is in a different place. A friend of mine just sent me an article in my email from a reporter from an Orlando newspaper. Here is a link to that article, entitled, THE 545 PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF AMERICA’S WOES


Inflation should be illegal

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I don’t really like to make comments to news items on the Internet because I feel like they are just buried, and I don’t want to read through thousands of comments, nor do I have that kind of time.  So I’m writing a post on my blog, which is scantily read, if at all, for now.  Anyway, to the point.  I just read an article online that expounds what money practices are not legal.  One item is that we are not authorized to print our own money, unless it is much larger or smaller than real money, and generally that it cannot in any way be mistaken for real money.  And yet the fed can print money, ad nauseum, in the name of some policy or law or hidden agenda.  It’s called inflation, and it’s making our money less and less valuable.  It used to be, I assume since I didn’t live back then, that all were expected to work off a real budget of real income minus real expenses plus real savings equals zero.  Governments overbudget regularly, and now so many of them are in extreme debt, and we have to pay for this debt, with interest.  That debt is so large now, it can qualify as insanity.  And yet I still have to live within my means.