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First day of frost, on average, in Flagstaff, is right around the equinox.  As a precaution, I brought in my plants one day a couple of weeks ago.  I’m growing a few plants in containers this year.  It has been a challenging year, and I decided I wouldn’t plant directly into the ground.  I’m growing some basil and some grape tomatoes, as well as some more spinach.  The spinach didn’t do so well during the summer months, and I planted some more about a week ago.  They’ve already started to germinate.  I only have to deal with covering them at night until harvest.  We just recently had a few days of October storms which were a welcome arrival.  Looking out at the gray skies as the backdrop to the deciduous trees as they turn, and the pine trees with their darkly covered bark from being rained upon, were a pleasant sight at this time of year.  It makes me extremely happy to have a beautiful summer give way to a little autumn storm before we dry out a bit before winter.  It makes me equally happy when the weather generally turns in October and the trees along with it.  To see all the colors and to experience the sound of leaves falling off trees, and stepping on and crunching them when out for a walk.  To know that winter is near but perhaps not near enough.  Post equinoxal happiness!!!