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I’m from Flagstaff, Arizona.  I was born and raised here and have lived most of my life here.  I have lived in other places, but here I am again.  There are times I wish I weren’t, when I am feeling a little restless, but it’s hard to leave.  And for those of you looking to move here, the cost of living is a challenge.  It pays to be frugal here.  Jobs and pay are at a premium.  Home prices and rent are high in comparison to salaries.  All other things are reasonably priced.  Comparably priced, I guess I should say, with other places.

But it’s amazing in so many ways that matter.  The climate is ideal.  Unless you love the rain, or you love the snow, or you love the heat or the humidity.  We aren’t any of those to the extreme.  Technically, we are in a high desert.  7000 ft. in elevation.  We receive something like 25 inches of precipitation per year.  Last winter we received 5 feet of snow over a handful of days, and we hosted the weather channel to document its progression.  This month we were greeted by tornadoes, eight of them confirmed, at last count; two of them did significant damage to the small community of Bellemont, 5 miles west of town, which is home to the National Weather Service for northern Arizona.  But those are aberrations.  We average about 100 inches of snow each winter, and our summer wet season comes in July and August, but it is a happy wet, not a flooding wet.