Phooey on Phone Companies

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With the billions of smart phones out there (I’m not interested, by the way), it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a phone that you can just make phone calls with and, that said, phooey on phone companies.  I couldn’t find a decent phone in the store (no names, I keep promising myself), so I went online.  I found a phone that at least looked interesting.  It kind of looked like a Star Trek communicator.  So I purchased it when I reached my upgrade date.  I still paid an upgrade fee.  Shame on the phone company.  It lasted almost a year.  I had little problems before the 1 year anniversary.  And then I charged it one day, and it just stopped working.  I’ll spare you the details.  I went to the store to see if they might do something.  But shame on me.  I know they can’t do much of anything for you at the store.  They called the company, which I could have done myself, and they sent me a new phone.  It took a little over 24 hours to receive it.  Big deal, they have warehouses everywhere.  That’s the least they can do.  And since I had insurance, I only had to pay a deductible.  For a phone that probably cost the company practically nothing to purchase from the manufacturer.  And yet we still go on paying outrageous phone bills.  PHOOEY ON PHONE COMPANIES.


The Environment, Part 1

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Before the oil spill, the talk about global warming was waning in significant ways.  In Flagstaff, this was in small part due to the five foot snowstorm in January of this year, and that the [relatively] cold winter didn’t seem to want to let up.  Even so, the growing season started a little earlier than usual.  I believe the last average frost is June 14th, and our last frost this year was in late May.  I’m not exactly sure, as I cannot see the future with any measure of certainty, whether global warming, as defined by scientists, or pseudo-scientists, as some would like to call them, is a reality, but what I’d like to believe is that we could be good stewards of this planet, for better not worse.  We shouldn’t be spewing chemicals into the air, or into the water, for the sole reason that it makes the planet a miserable place to live.  I don’t know whether electric cars are a much better alternative, in part because the grid is built in large part on non-renewable energy sources.  But I’d like to believe it’s a start.  But why can we not build solar and wind collectors into vehicles?  Why can we not require all new buildings, commercial and residential, to be virtually sustainable.  We would be building the industry by requiring it.  I know why, of course.  The almighty dollar is a sickness.  And the environment has suffered from this contagion.