Image by encosion via Flickr

I never really played sports growing up.  It certainly saved my parents any expense that would have been incurred by doing so.  And coming from a big family, that wouldn’t have been the wisest move.  But I watched a lot of sports growing up, and in Flagstaff that meant the Dodgers and Cowboys, and later the Suns (our first real team).  These days there are also the Coyotes, Diamondbacks and the Cardinals.

Fast forward to today.  The Cardinals haven’t played great this season, and today wasn’t an exception.  They came back to win, I noticed, when checking the Internet.  But late in the third quarter, I got up and left.  They weren’t playing well, and I just couldn’t watch any longer.

I’m like that these days.  All the other things going on my life take precedence.  And mostly that’s a good thing.  The economy isn’t great.  I was laid off of work.  I’m trying to get back in shape.  I’m trying to rein in my life and my future.

So I am NOT a fairweather fan.  I refuse to let millionaire football players alter my life in any ways I deem significant.